Longtime Tampa Accounting Firm Changes Name to Prida, Guida & Perez, P.A.

Tampa, Fla. (Wednesday, October 11, 2017) Prida, Guida & Company, P.A. announced today that they will be changing the name of the firm to Prida, Guida & Perez (PGP).

The name change reflects the addition of adding industry veteran Frank Perez Jr. to the firm. Perez will be joining Prida, Guida & Perez, P.A. as a partner of the firm, advising clients on tax planning and preparation.

Perez said, “Two significant decisions made it clear to join the partners at Prida, Guida & Company. One, they hold the same core values I do when it comes to how we serve clients; two, it was important to me that I expand my ability to serve clients through a trusted team of associates. I found both at Prida, Guida & Company.”

The addition of Perez’s vast knowledge and experience in tax planning and preparation will expand the firm’s ability to serve more clients and provides the firms growing staff with additional clients to serve.

PGP President Luciano Prida, Jr. said, “My dad knew him, and always had a great deal of respect for him from a professional and personal standpoint. Over the years we would see each other at continuing education seminars and we would talk about each other’s accounting practices and compare what we do and joked about joining forces one day.”

“He’s been doing that for 10-15 years; I’m happy we finally made it happen!” said Perez.

Prida, Guida & Perez, P.A. corporate offices are located at 1106 North Franklin Street, Tampa, Florida 33602.
About Prida, Guida & Perez, P.A.

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