Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., has served regional clients that operate nationally and internationally since 1957. We offer Advisory, Auditing, Accounting and Tax Service for individuals and businesses alike.  Our team of experienced professionals ensures our services exceed our clients’ expectations. We are highly regarded for our level of service and accuracy and are consistently meeting the business needs and goals of each client.

We serve various industries globally, including a wide array of families and businesses. Because of our philosophy of serving the needs of the clients, as a whole, our expertise also extends to estates and trusts, as well as individuals.

Mission Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., is built upon the principles of delivering professional services beyond the expectations of our clients. We will fulfill the promise of “most trusted advisor” providing services and advice as a true fiduciary only in the best interest of our client.

Vision “The common thread is a majestic craving for nearly unattainable goals and sublime ends far beyond the petty daily ambitions that plague us all.” –Zalman C. Bernstein

This quote is our inspiration. We will strive to become the leading CPA firm in the Tampa Bay region through unparalleled dedication to our clients, accurate quality work, and an unmatched commitment to sound fiscal service.

Values We value our clients and we base our service on four core principles: honesty, integrity, substance, and reliability. Additionally, we adhere to a company creed that guides our service and our work: Clients are our top priority and our employees are the foundation of our dedicated service. As a team of professionals, we work to improve our community through commitment, volunteerism and loyalty.


“At Prida Guida & Company we strive to be client-focused, provide  superior service and earn the right to be your trusted advisor”. 

Lou Prida, Partner, Prida Guida & Company