Retail faces many changes and challenges in the coming years, but your accounting and tax provider doesn’t need to be one of those difficulties. With over fifty years of experience serving clients in the Tampa Bay region and beyond, Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., is very familiar with the difficulties facing the retail sector. Higher real estate costs, the growth of online sales and the web of tax laws and regulations governing them, supply chain issues, and more. The Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., tax and financial specialists work closely with our clients to ensure compliance with a constantly shifting, confusing tax and regulatory landscape, letting you focus instead on growing and building your business.

With a hands-on, holistic approach to financial services focused on your specific needs, our financial experts will ensure that you get the attention and focus your business deserves. Our expert staff leverages years of experience to help you tackle any financial challenge facing your business in this ever-changing market. These experiences include:

  • Depreciation deduction and section 179 optimization;
  • Evaluation of federal credits;
  • Business acquisition and sale due diligence;
  • Multi-state sales and income tax nexus studies;
  • Implementation and consulting on accounting systems and procedures;
  • Tax return preparation and IRS audit representation;
  • Inventory tracking in QuickBooks or other accounting systems; and
  • Many other issues facing Retail clients.

Founded with being our clients’ “most trusted advisors”, Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., is uniquely positioned in our region to provide the type of hands-on focus and attention that our clients deserve. With a diverse staff drawn from different parts of the accounting and finance profession, we are able to leverage our experience to help you tackle any accounting challenge you might face. Our philosophy is focused on delivering the best professional services for our clients to keep their interests and the success of their business at the forefront of all our decisions.