Construction can be a challenging business, with swings in revenues and labor availability, bonding issues, and the complex, ever-changing tax landscape, but we at Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., understand what it’s like. Working with a variety of contractors and sub-contractors, from plumbers and electricians to well-drillers and real-estate developers, our professional team have an understanding of every inch of the construction industry and the unique trials facing your business. 

With a dedicated staff of accounting and tax professionals, Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., offers a unique hands-on approach to working with you, and your accounting staff, to ensure that your business doesn’t provide any unexpected headaches from an income tax perspective. Our experience includes:

  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction calculations;
  • Job costing and tracking in QuickBooks or other accounting systems;
  • Comparison of different job completion and accounting methods;
  • 263(a) “UNICAP” calculations;
  • Implementation and consulting on accounting systems and procedures;
  • Interstate nexus studies;
  • Compilation, review, and audit services for business entities and benefit plans;
  • Estate and succession planning;
  • GAAP/Tax differences with retainages, inventory, fixed assets, and other issues;
  • Structuring and consulting on developer broker/dealer issues; and
  • Many other issues facing the construction industry.

Our firm is built on the principles of delivering professional services beyond your expectations, and our professional staff is dedicated to this ideal. Our services and client-focused attention will help your business to succeed, and you to understand exactly why we strive to be our clients’ most trusted, true fiduciary advisors and counselors.