Business Services

Financial Outsourced Services

Few businesses can flourish without an accounting department, but we know this can be expensive and laborious. Whether you have a small company that cannot justify hiring an accounting staff, or a large business that needs help with a specific project, our outsourced services professionals will help.

Prida Guida & Company will deliver tailored accounting solutions and services to support your company’s needs.

Our financial services include:

  • CFO services
  • Controller services
  • Cash forecasting and management
  • Accounting & money management
  • Payroll

Compensation Consulting Services

In any business, people are the most important asset and it is essential for your management team to provide a fair compensation program that attracts and retains valuable employees.

Prida Guida & Company offers compensation consulting services to assist clients with the tough task of compensation development. We work with you to review and analyze your company’s current compensation plan and determine if it needs to be altered to meet your business’ goals.

Our compensation consulting services:

  • Assessments and profiling
  • Employee benefit services
  • Human resource consulting
  • Tax consulting

Performance Benchmarking 

Performance benchmarking is essential for companies to remain one step ahead of competitors. Our benchmarking services will provide you with exclusive understanding how your company measures against peers.

Our performance benchmarking services include:

  • Human resource consulting
  • Compensation analysis
  • Financial performance management
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal design and implementation
  • Skills assessments and profiling