In 1957, when our company first opened its doors, accounting services were our foundation.  Over the years we have strategically grown our business by incorporating additional services to meet the financial needs of our diverse clientele. Our business has evolved, but our commitment to providing the highest level of service and accuracy has continued. We have and will remain committed to hiring the best and brightest professionals to ensure these services continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. Prida Guida & Perez, P.A., works tirelessly to understand the needs and goals of our clients.

Advisory Services

Economic Claims & Disaster Recovery

At Prida Guida & Company, we want you to be prepared for any type of emergency. It’s important for your business to plan accordingly in the unfortunate event of a disaster. That’s where we come in – we work with your business to create a comprehensive plan of action. When disaster strikes, Prida Guida & Company will react with your business to preserve your assets and guarantee you secure the maximum tax benefits.
Our disaster recovery services include:
• Business valuations
• Economic damage calculations
• Cash flow projections
• Litigation support services
• Lost profit analysis

Expert Witness Testimony

When you need an objective evaluation, we provide both written and oral testimony that thoroughly explains the situation at hand. We fully evaluate the situation, confidently form an opinion and present our findings in an understandable, logical manner.

Litigation Support

Prida Guida & Company has significant experience offering litigation support services. Our tenacious professionals work with attorneys and their clients through all steps of the dispute/resolution process, from discovery through trial or hearing.
We provide assistance in addressing and solving multifaceted financial, business, and accounting problems. Our talented professionals stand by you and provide expert advice and support throughout the entire process.
Our litigation professionals serve in areas including:
• Bankruptcy and reorganization
• Business interruption/loss of income
• Business valuation
• Compensation analysis
• Contract disputes
• Earn out calculations
• Estate administration damages
• Fraud investigations
• Forensic accounting
• Healthcare regulatory compliance
• Healthcare self-disclosure reporting
• Insurance claims
• Litigation support for mediation and arbitration
• Lost earnings and profits
• Mergers and acquisitions due diligence
• Unreasonable business expense claims

Profit Enhancement

At Prida Guida & Company, we understand that businesses are under growing pressure to improve efficiency and effectiveness to remain competitive. Our profit enhancement services will do a full analysis to help you make knowledgeable business decisions. We will identify issues and work with you to solve them in order to reach prime efficiency for your business.

Transaction Advisory Services

We deliver knowledgeable, impartial advice based on our expertise in industry, business structure and market conditions. Our experienced transaction professionals team up with our audit and tax experts to achieve the most comprehensive assessment of your goals. Each transaction strategy is personalized for your business and formulated based on your short and long term goals.

Business Services

Financial Outsourced Services

Few businesses can flourish without an accounting department, but we know this can be expensive and laborious. Whether you have a small company that cannot justify hiring an accounting staff, or a large business that needs help with a specific project, our outsourced services professionals will help.

Prida Guida & Company will deliver tailored accounting solutions and services to support your company’s needs.

Our financial services include:
• CFO services
• Controller services
• Cash forecasting and management
• Accounting & money management
• Payroll

Compensation Consulting Services

In any business, people are the most important asset and it is essential for your management team to provide a fair compensation program that attracts and retains valuable employees.

Prida Guida & Company offers compensation consulting services to assist clients with the tough task of compensation development. We work with you to review and analyze your company’s current compensation plan and determine if it needs to be altered to meet your business’ goals.

Our compensation consulting services:

• Assessments and profiling
• Employee benefit services
• Human resource consulting
• Tax consulting

Performance Benchmarking

Performance benchmarking is essential for companies to remain one step ahead of competitors. Our benchmarking services will provide you with exclusive understanding how your company measures against peers.

Our performance benchmarking services include:

• Human resource consulting
• Compensation analysis
• Financial performance management
• Training and development
• Performance appraisal design and implementation
• Skills assessments and profiling

Family Services

Personal Accounting & Planning

We offer a variety of personal accounting services including:
• Tax consulting
• Preparation estate planning
• Financial and retirement planning
• Family life events & money management
• Accounting back office support
• Other routine financial services & planning

Family Asset Management

Prida Guida & Company manages your investments, estate planning, real estate, staff and arrangements for you and your family. We keep your financial needs moving while you live life to the fullest by coordinating your day-to-day accounting, payroll, taxes, bill payment, charitable giving and succession planning. Rest assured; you can enjoy the fruits of your labor while we manage the funds that allow it all to happen.

Tax Services

Executive Tax Services

Our tax experts and consultants have extensive experience assisting with a wide range of issues.

These include:
• Compensation planning
• Stock option planning and analysis
• Change in control – Golden parachute planning
• Tax return preparation and planning

Federal Tax

We stay on top of the constantly changing tax laws to ensure proper planning and implementation, regardless of the complexity of the law. Our tax professionals are experts in identifying key tax planning opportunities that minimize tax burdens and contribute to the financial well-being of both businesses and individuals.

Our business and individual tax services include:

Business Tax
• Tax planning and compliance
• Multistate taxation
• Business succession planning
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Accounting methods
• Tax accounting
• Tax controversy assistance
• Research and development services 

Individual Tax
• Federal and state planning and compliance
• Estate and gift tax planning and compliance
• Stock option planning
• Education planning
• Tax controversy assistance

State & Local Tax

Prida Guida & Company works tirelessly to ensure that state and local tax savings awarded as deserved through a comprehensive analysis.

Stock Options Plans and Services

Stock options are an increasingly popular compensation tool used by businesses.  Evaluating what fits best in your company’s business plan is the beginning of the planning process. Prida Guida & Company helps our clients formulate a stock option plan, which serves their best interests today in harmony with long-term financial goals.

Our stock option experts assist with:
• Stock option analysis
• Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) appraisals
• Preferred stock valuations
• Buy/sell agreements
• Succession planning
• Shareholder matters
• Disposition strategies
• Other stock option accounting needs

Your knowledgeable stock option planning decisions today protect your financial security tomorrow.

Tax Accounting

The constantly changing requirements of tax law have corresponding complex financial accounting reporting requirements. Increased regulatory and GAAP reporting rules have increased the importance of tax accounting and reporting properly.

Our tax professionals assist your business in:
• Tax provision calculations
• Outsourcing of tax provision function
• FIN 48 accounting for uncertain tax positions
• SEC reporting and disclosures
• Tax function reviews
• Training to in-house tax and accounting personnel

Audit & Assurance Services

Accounting Advisory Services

Prida Guida & Company’s accounting advisory team works with our clients to develop financial strategies that align with their business goals address financing requirements to enhance their growth.
Our accounting and attestation services include:
• Preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements
• Compiled financial statements
• Agreed-upon procedures on special accounts, items and transactions
• Contract and temporary bookkeeping services
• Review of internal controls
When making important decisions, it is critical to plan strategically. Whether you need help with financial forecasting or a comprehensive analysis of important financial information, our team will assist you.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Our retirement benefit plan team includes knowledgeable personnel who are well versed in the current benefit plan auditing standards, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, and Department of Labor and Employee Retirement Income Security Act filing procedures.

Our audit team will provide your business with economical audits in short order, while upholding the high standards required by regulatory agencies. We will suggest a benefit plan that fits your company’s needs with confidence and credibility.

Review and Assurance Services

Prida Guida & Company offers a range of review and assurance services including:

• Compilations and Reviews of Financial Assurance
• Internal Controls and Information Systems Enhancements Practice
• Fraud detection and prevention
• Performance of Agreed-Upon Procedures
• Financial statement assurance

Risk Assurance & Internal Controls

Data Analysis

Prida Guida & Company’s data analysis experts will provide opportunities for you to look at your company’s data from a new perspective and provide solutions to issues you may not even know exist. Data extraction can reorganize and/ or convert the information from a company’s accounting software into a more usable format. With our extraction and analysis experience, we can produce usable data and show your company what the numbers truly mean.

Our data analysis services:
• Analytical assessment/data evaluation
• Extraction of data activity
• Reporting or recalculation
• Data validation
• 100% population testing
• Transaction review for trends or unusual activities

Internal Controls and Auditing Services

We assist clients with documenting and applying new systems of internal controls, as well as identifying areas for improvement in existing systems.

This includes:
• Internal Control Design Review
• Sarbanes Oxley (404) Implementation Assistance
• Internal Auditing
• Service Organization Control (SOC) Services

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